Gestalt Leadership Program  

A year-long online program for leaders and those interested in bolstering their leadership experience. 

In this program, we ignite the leadership spark that resides within leaders so together we can bring real change to the systems that we live, work and play within.

Gestalt leadership is a skill that can be learned and practiced, regardless of your background.
This is an experiential learning journey that includes workshops, coaching, and dialogue.

Why choose this program?

There are several leadership programs around the world that offer wonderful experiences and models.


Context matters.

Most leadership programs have been developed by consultants from the Big Consulting firms based on the experiences of Fortune 500 companies located in certain countries. This context is only relevant to a small percentage of the economic world, yet the narrative dominates the leadership space. Small wonder that these leadership models do not translate well to spaces in the diaspora.


The experience is different.

Adults learn through their own experience and when the material is relevant to their experience. If you have not worked in a Fortune 500 company then some leadership programs will not be relevant to your experience, regardless of the millions of dollars that you generate or the global footprint of your company. Traditional leadership material does not consider your experience as part of the narrative.


We understand your issues.

We are people of the diaspora who have straddled both our local and international systems. We have based the program based on our navigation of those systems, what was missing in those systems and what we wished was in those systems. We have created this program based on our unique experiences and shared learnings

With its roots in social justice and principles of equity, inclusion and anti-oppression, gestalt offers a viable path for growth in leadership through the promotion of awareness and attention now experience.

The program

Designed to give the leaders an experiential transformational learning journey. The leaders are both in charge of their development and will be supported with coaching and other throughout this process.

The program includes

The Gestalt approach to leadership

The paradoxical nature of leadership

Diversity Equity and inclusion for teams

Creating a sense of belonging and engagement for teams

Use of Self

Leading change and dealing with resistance

Leading in Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) World

Leadership Tools and Tricks

Leading from a Higher Deeper Self

Issues that emerge in the world system as the program evolves

Benefits of this program

  • Clarify your leadership purpose and vision.
  • Communicate with compassion and clarity
  • Create highly effective teams
  • Develop your most effective leadership style that honours whom you are
  • Develop empathy and compassion
  • GreaterExecutive Presence and influence
  • Greater self-confidence with humility
  • Higher self-esteem, and self-belief
  • More effective decision making
  • New leadership skills to bring out the best in you—and your team Improved career aspects

What to expect from this program

  • Belong to a life long community of practitioners
  • Engagement with peers
  • Expanded network of supporters and well wishers
  • Generous sharing from faculty
  • Lifelong learning opportunities
  • No judgement
  • Safe and confidential spaces to practice

The Faculty

This is an international program led by an international faculty for international leaders

We are people of the diaspora sharing our leadership and gestalt experiences, our learning and our knowledge with leaders of the diaspora.

Unami Mpofu
Unami Mpofu

She is a Gestalt development practitioner with a passion for human-centred development approaches.

Sunita Sinha
Sunita Sinha

Sunita Sinha works on the people side of change as an Interventionist, Facilitator, Coach, System Designer and OD Consultant.

Rick Huntley
Rick Huntley
United States

Rick Huntley is a highly skilled leadership, organization and equity and inclusion change consultant, coach, facilitator and teacher.

Maxine Attong
Maxine Attong
Trinidad and Tobago

Attong intention is to light the leadership spark that resides in each of us and assist leaders embrace their unique style of leadership.

Judith Gail 
Judith Gail 
United States

She is a Gestalt trained change agent, practitioner, and influencer, with a 30-year history. As a cisgender, black, and straight woman Judith has the ability to see the world through complex and multiple lens.

Dr. Rama Naidu
Dr. Rama Naidu
South Africa

Naidu has an ongoing quest for a more just and humane society. He was the First Director of the Democracy Development Programme in South Africa.

Tuition and Terms

The tuition fee for the Leadership Experience is $6,000 US dollars. This fee excludes the $250 non-refundable application fee.

At the time of acceptance, 50% of the fee is due.  The remainder is due prior to Module 3. 

Payment plans can be considered and must be asked for at the start.

Applicants are responsible for all related bank and PayPal fees.

Refund Policy

Withdrawal before program starts:  Full refund for whatever has been paid minus 10% admin fee.

During or after Module 1:  Full refund for whatever has been paid minus $1,000 cost of Module 1 and minus 10% admin fee.

During or after Module 2:  Full refund for whatever has been paid minus $2,000 cost of Modules 1 and 2 and minus 10% admin fee.

No refund after Module 3. Balance may be applied to a future or another program minus 10% admin costs.

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