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Maxine Attong

The Gestalt experience offers leaders different lens, fresh tools and unique events to enhance their leadership effectiveness. This experiential learning journey supports leaders to bring about change and to navigate this uncertain world while living and leading from their purpose.

Maxine Attong - Author, Executive Coach, Podcaster and Leadership COnsultant

Why I chose Gestalt

I’m really excited to share this Gestalt experience with you because Gestalt literally changed my personal and professional life.

As an accountant and process improvement expert my preference was for structure rigidity, inflexibility and control. This way of being that created former success did not transfer well to being an executive coach and facilitator. I needed to change.

The introduction to Gestalt has allowed me to be less structured and more intentional, less rigid and more compassionate, and less needing to be right.

Gestalt allows me to be bold and brave enough to abandon a need for structure and to embrace uncertainty. Now I observe forms that emerge in a room and trust myself enough to name them. These risk-taking returns deep rewards for clients as they are encouraged to step out of their comfort zones, thus enriching the experience for all.

I mirror what change can look like as I offer observation, share my emotions and bodily sensations while asking powerful questions.

The practice of not making meaning allows me to stay in curiosity and to be non-judgmental. Engagement is from a place of deep understanding and not from a problem-solving point of view

On a personal level Gestalt, has taught me to live in “here and now” of each moment. This translates to a deeper level of thought for and genuine interest in others. I have a heightened sense of responsibility for how and what I communicate to others. Intentionality has shifted truth-telling to honesty, from dreading feedback to appreciating the worst of it and trading in the single story for multiple realities.

Overall, I enjoy a calmer demeanor, and am more grounded, with less anxiety and stress. I no longer need to control, I am open to change and unpredicted outcomes. I relish in more meaningful relationships with deeper connections and have experienced new levels of trust.

The Gestalt Experience is my way of helping others to change and to release the true leader that lies within.

The Gestalt experience will change your life and help you be a more effective leader.

Our values

Bringing real change to the systems that we live, work and play within.


Experiential and relevant with immediate implementation solutions and tools.


Lead from where you are -  your family, your community, your place of worship, your organisation.


We love people. We love the work. We love that people are transformed through the work.

What is Gestalt?

Gestalt theory is a theory of human nature, personality and behavior that explores the integration of all aspects of ourselves.

It focuses on how we can achieve balance in our lives by accepting our basic needs and desires as well as acknowledging the obstacles that prevent us from achieving them. Gestalt is holistic and includes mental health as leaders are encouraged to identify their feelings and understand how they affect and are affected by their relationships with others.

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Why we work with Leaders?

Leaders share a one-to-many relationships with team members.

Leaders are the agents of change and when they are aware of their power and intentional about their actions, change will occur. We remind leaders of the systemic effect of change and that while it may begin with self, leaders can impact, teams, organisations, societies and the larger world.

Why Gestalt Leadership?

Gestalt offers us an alternative to the traditional model of leadership development.

It focuses on creating leaders who know how to lead others but may not have their own voices heard Gestalt leaders serve as catalysts for positive change within their organizations by promoting awareness and attention to the “here and now” experience rather than being defined by past experiences or external factors outside themselves (i.e., previous leadership positions, competition).

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