Global Gestalt
Leadership Conference

The Global Gestalt Leadership Conference is a  hybrid event (virtual and face to face) where Gestalt, thought leaders and new ideas converge.

Fourth Quarter, 2024

Enhance your leadership capabilities to transform organisations into agile, adaptive and responsive systems.
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A gathering of leading edge thinkers

Sharing experiences and insight that will help you clarify your leadership vision as well as provide tools to enhance your ability to achieve desired results.

LIVE on location in Accra, Ghana

The 2024 conference in-person version will take place at Accra, Ghana, with inspiring speakers and plenty of time to network with other leaders.

Introducing our keynote speaker for 2024
Rev. John Nkum
Rev. John Nkum
International Gestalt Consultant and Trainer

The Rev. John Nkum is an international consultant and trainer in Gestalt organization and leadership development and change management. He also consults, trains and facilitates processes internationally in strategic thinking, strategy development and project cycle management.

Reframing current challenges and changes in the world's system to offer leaders fresh perspectives and implementable solutions.

The conference will provide a unique opportunity to explore how gestalt theory and practice can contribute to leadership development for women and people of color.

This is a historically under-represented group in leadership positions within organizations across all industries including healthcare, education, finance, retailing, and communications.

What to look forward to

Global Gestalt Experience
Powerful keynotes

Hear leadership and Gestalt practitioners from around the world that will change the way you think about leadership, radically improve your outlook and build essential leadership skills.

Leadership community

Actively discuss and explore the conference theme throughout the year so that you can keep on growing and learning in our leadership circles.

Vital connections

We provide opportunities both online and face-to-face for attendees to establish lasting, impactful relationships in our community - with speakers, to partners and with other attendees.

Wall of reviews

What past attendees are saying!
My favourite session was Jonno Hanafin. The title of his presentation was What’s Love got to do with it. I took away a great quote on love definition – Love is uniting the interest of the whole. Also Fear = Conflict and we need to move past fear to be effective leaders in an organization.


Brand Manager

The content delivered was good it helped a lot with self management and the understanding that leadership is not for the faint at heart and leaders need to be what’s missing from an organization/department/team. The tips received are fitting at any organization. As Barbara Perkins topic said we cannot lead with a leaky cup, essentially we need to be emotionally and mentally stable to lead effectively.



Second Global Gestalt conference I've attended and similar to last time, I left feeling inspired. I could take on the world. I must admit, after doing the interviews it led to some serious introspection. I'm still doing some digging to unearth the origins of my discovery. Admittedly, the virtual conference was a new experience as well, however it was enjoyable. The leader board was fun and engaging. Thanks again for the opportunity Maxine! It's always a pleasure working with you and learning from you.


General Manager

I really enjoyed the session. “Leading with love” is something I’ve experienced working with my two leaders. This session just reminded me of those sessions and further challenged my views and perceptions about Millennials and Gen Zs, in terms of our need to adapt to changes in behaviour and expectations in the work place. Instead of being resistant to change, we now need to embrace the change/revolution of the modern generation who insist on work-life balance, hybrid working from home arrangements and flexible working hours. Gone are the days of master and servant, and in order to lead people in the modern world we need to do this by genuinely caring about each other; not jumping to negative conclusions or having negative suspicion about each other. The new way forward is built upon trust, love, influence and inclusion.



Another session that caught my attention was from speaker Jonno Hanafin “What’s love got to do with it”. He mentioned that we need to remember that as leaders, we lead people with different backgrounds, baggage’s etc, therefore, we need to deal with them differently.


Marketing Manager

The sessions that stood out most to me was from speaker Maxine Attong “Love you, Love you not” where she spoke about building love relationships. Some pointers she gave were: Give without expectation; demonstrate what you want to see and we need to love ourselves to love others.


Marketing Manager

The conference promoted and encouraged a culture of “Love” and is a key actionable behavior that should be adopted and practiced by all leaders. It is very applicable to our team and if embedded more into our culture, will result in a more collaborative and inclusive team. I connected with the sponsor Sagicor with the intention of exploring our option to offer insurances on the products that we will soon be selling on credit terms.



This conference is for you

C-suite Leaders

Seeking new ways to inspire their multi-generational staff in this fast changing environment, and to create an inclusive culture in which a diverse employee population feels that they belong.

Consultants or Coaches

Seeking to learn about new theories, new trends and new techniques, from the world’s leading practitioners

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Managers and Supervisors

Seeking to refine their skills, acquire and develop new skills, and to effectively lead their teams.

Business Owners

(solopreneurs and entrepreneurs) who want to improve the way they manage their business, and increase their value to clients.


What to expect during the conference

You'll receive tips, solutions and support

– which you can immediately put in place at an organizational level.

You'll learn the key skills your job requires 

– to network with peers and share your learnings at our network tables.

You'll network with peers and potential clients

– host meetings, start discussion topics and share your knowledge.

You'll explore sponsored products & services

– to see and test new tools, products and technologies that can help you manage more effectively.

A conference to explore new leadership skills and develop lasting connections

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The Gestalt Leadership Community

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