Become a conference Sponsor / Exhibitor

Our audience comprises decision makers, the people who see your products and services can decide right on spot if you can serve their company.

We offer our sponsors a wide menu of options so that you can choose what works best for your brand and strategy.

Sponsor Packages

Sponsor benefits include podcast interviews, conference passes – physical and virtual, branding, advertising spots on our radio and podcast channels.

Explore the lists below for perks and opportunities available to choose from.

Conference Passes:

Get passes for your organisation to attend the conference live or online.

Banner Ad on Conference Website:

Your banner will be displayed on Conference website for 1 month before the conference.

Day of Event Recognition:

Special verbal recognition during welcome and closing remarks from senior staff member.


Play ads on Conference main stage on Conference day.

Video on Website:

Your 60 seconds ad on the conference website and social media accounts.

Video on Conference Day:

We will play your ad/video on the Conference website for 1 month before the conference. After conference it will be in our archives.

Exhibit Hall:

Virtual "booth" displayed prominently in Expo Hall with link to company website and option of company promo video. You can engage with audience members, access conference attendee mailing lists.

Networking Session:

Sponsor and host a breakout session during the conference.

Connect over Coffee:

Sponsor the coffee break for the conference. Introduce yourself and the brand on main stage to the physical audience.

Speaking Opportunity:
(Subject to availability, limited to 2 sponsors)

Introduce keynote speaker or plenary session - Speak on the why of your involvement.

Panelist – Get your seat at the table and Speak during the panel session.

Post-Conference Digital Sessions:

Sponsor a Post-Conference we host topic circles led by guest speakers to keep exploring the Conference theme.

After Conference Cocktail reception:

Sponsor the happy hour after conference. Introduce yourself and your brand as the host of the after-event networking session.

Conference Lunch:

Sponsor the Conference Lunch and make a 20-minute presentation to our physical audience.

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