The Inaugural Gestalt Woman Leader Awardees

Maxine Attong
August 9, 2023

On December 7th 2022, we  hosted the inaugural Gestalt Woman Leader Award recognizing women in leadership in various fields.

The women were nominated by the public via a social media campaign using the hashtag #GestaltWomanLeader.

These were women the public considered making a positive impact and creating common good through their leadership.

The Awardees were:

Candida Khan - Gestalt Women Leadership Awardee 2023

Candida Khan – CEO of Didi's Nutrition Consultancy, a social entrepreneur transforming the health and wellness space by focusing on nutrition and helping people achieve their health goals.  

Denielle Placide – Founder of the NGO, the Priceless Foundation for Women, who meets women where they are assisting with food and clothing to counselling services.  

Photo Softbox Studio

Nicole Joseph-Chin – Founder and CEO of Ms. Brafit Limited, a social enterprise advocacy focused on women's health, specifically breast health.

Patricia Ready Toby – a former flight attendant who found her true calling by supporting the young women in the NiNa Young Women's Leadership Programme, assisting young women in transitioning from state care.

Sian Cuffy Young – Founder and CEO of Siel Environmental Services Limited, a social entrepreneur and environmentalist in the traditionally male-dominated waste industry.    

Wendy H. Lewis – a social activist and Founder of the NGO Caribbean Women Honors and Empowerment who assists women to become entrepreneurs.

"these women are passionate about what they do, courageously step into the arena despite not always being understood, and firmly believe they are living their God-intended purpose."

The women were celebrated at an intimate luncheon catered by Delish Caterers at the Guardian Group Box at the Queens Park Oval. For the occasion, our guest speaker was Akosua Dardaine Edwards. The event's drink was Caribe, and Taurean Design Studios provided the décor.

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Maxine Attong
Maxine Attong

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